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Additional Plastic Production Services

Gary Clarke Plastics has the knowledge, experience and equipment to produce a wide range of plastic products and components.

We are fully equipped for:

  • Compression moulding – including custom-made products for the electrical and engineering industries
  • Injection thermoset – for all Bakelite, Melamine, Urea products
  • Injection thermoplastic  - full range of materials for the automotive, industrial, building industries and for household appliances and goods
  • Pad printing – we have the capacity to print high-resolution images on any surface, this process is so precise we can even print on a walnut shell
  • Screen printing – including printing decorative images, photos or drawings on to plates, a perfect memento of a child’s drawing or for a special event, such as an anniversary

Melamine Plates manufactured for Sir Peter Charles Leitch

Bakelite products

Bakelite products are used extensively in the electrical and engineering industries, as well as in many household products. Gary Clarke Plastics has one of the largest compression moulding machines in New Zealand and the only two thermoset injection machines in New Zealand, producing the highest quality Bakelite products.


Melamine is used in the production of plates, cups, and tableware.



Urea is used extensively in electrical components